Ziziphus mauritiana chemical structure and uses

ziziphus mauritiana chemical structure and uses Ziziphus mauritiana is widely cultivated in dry areas throughout the tropics it tolerates extremely dry habitats and is an extremely valuable tree for people that live in such climates ziziphus mauritiana has a multitude of uses, including culinary and medicinal.

Overview information zizyphus is a shrub or small tree the fruit is used as food and to make medicine zizyphus is used for improving muscular strength and weight, for preventing liver and. Ziziphus mauritiana is recognized for traditional use in different areas as its fruits are consumed locally in some parts of saudi arabia however, little is known about the biological activities. Ziziphus mauritiana is a valuable tree an apt description of its value is that z mauritiana produces the three vital 'f’s' that desert dwellers require - fruit, fodder.

Under well‐irrigated conditions, ziziphus mauritiana exhibited high rates of net photosynthesis and transpiration compared to other fruit tree species (clifford et al, chemical structure and biological activity of water soluble polysaccharides from cassia angustifolia leaves. Use of seeds of malay apple (ziziphus mauritiana) and related species in health and disease tulika mishra, aruna bhatia, in nuts and seeds in health and disease prevention, 2011 introduction that have a similar structure and are likely to have similar effects. Jujube (ziziphus mauritiana) is a fast-growing tree the jujube tree is spiny and deciduous and normally grows up to 10-12m on a normal the spines grow in groups, one protrudes out from the trunk and branches almost perpendicularly and the other is slightly curved.

New spinosin derivatives from the seeds of ziziphus mauritiana bin w ang , a,b hong-tao z hu , a dong w ang , a chong-ren y ang , a min x u , a, and ying-jun z hang a, a state key laboratory of phytochemistry and plant resources in west china, kunming institute of botany, chinese. Ziziphus mauritiana was first named as ziziphus jujube in 1789 by lamarck according to luna (1996) , two varieties are recognized in india: var hysudrica , which is wild or cultivated with large fruit, and var fruiticosa , which is a small shrub in the sub-himalayan tract, with small fruit. Ber fruit: indian jujube uses, dose, side effect, research ber fruit or indian jujube or chinese apple is a vitamin c rich fruit, used in ayurveda for treating bleeding disorders, excessive thirst, fever, burning sensation etc. Chemical composition, anti nutritive substances and digestion kinetics of four ziziphus specie leaves ziziphus mauritiana, ziziphus muc ziziphus abyssinica, crude protein, whereas, neutral detergent fiber based on chemical tree and shrub ns browse species, – 500mm jauhari. Ziziphus jujuba zizyphus mauritiana, reni, badar, elandai structures and immunological activities of two pectic polysaccharides from the fruits of ziziphus jujuba mill cv jinsixiaozao hort study of the chemical compounds of ziziphus mauritiana lam (rhamnaceae) leaves, used traditionally in the treatment of diabetes in.

Phytochemical test of ziziphus mauritiana leaves: the successive extracts of petroleum ether, chloroform, methanol and water extracts were subjected to various chemical tests for the identification of the phytoconstituents. Ziziphus mauritiana lam plant is widely used in folk medicine the various parts of z mauritiana lam like leaves, fruits and seeds also used in folk medicine for various purposes. Antiplasmodial and antimycobacterial cyclopeptide alkaloids from the root of ziziphus mauritiana panomwan panseetaa, kanlaya lomchoeya, samran prabpaib, palangpon kongsaereeb,c, apichart suksamrarnd, somsak ruchirawate, sunit suksamrarna,⇑ a department of chemistry and center of excellence for innovation in chemistry, faculty of science, srinakharinwirot university, bangkok 10110, thailand. Shettima ay et al the pharmaceutical and chemical journal, 2016, 3(2):323-328 the pharmaceutical and chemical journal 325 ziziphus mauritiana orally group v received 3 ml/kg (intraperitoneal) body weight of atropine sulfate. The fruit pulp of ziziphus mauritiana lamk was reach in nutrients 4,5 the richness of the pulp in nutritive compounds has been widely recognized chemical studies of z mauritiana led to the isolation of the cyclopeptide alkaloids, mauritines a and b c-f, structure of isolated constituents of zizyphus mauritiana lamk.

Ziziphus mauritiana (“ber”) has been a useful fruit in india since antiquity chemical and biological perspectives, 1998 31 acronycine analogs modified at c(6), n(12), and their derivatives substituted on c ring the structures were deduced from uv,. Jujube (ziziphus mauritiana lam) is a member of the rhamnaceae family the tree (lotus) grows in arid and semiarid regions (thanatcha and pranee 2011 ) the lotus originated from central asia and is widely cultivated in zimbabwe, thailand, india, and malaysia (nyanga et al 2007 . Ziziphus mauritiana and ziziphus spina-christi have very nutritious fruits and are usually eaten fresh zizyphus spina- for the presence of biologically active chemical constituents like glycoside, alkaloids, tannins and flavonoids glycosides - 10 ml of 50% h2so4 was added to 1 ml of the. Chinese date, the fruit of ziziphus jujuba mill, has thousands of years cultivation history, and about 700 cultivars of dates in china two types of dates are commonly found in the market: (i) fresh immature dates consumed as fruits, and (ii) dried mature dates used as chinese medicines here, chemical and biological properties of these dates were revealed. Ziziphus mauritiana is one of the two ziziphus species that have considerable horticulture importance, the other being chinese jujube (z zizyphus) indian jujube is more tropical whereas chinese jujube is a more cold hardy species[1] propagation is most commonly from seed, where pretreatment is beneficial.

Regulators can use to increase life after harvesting fruit of ziziphus mauritiana in this respect, ethephon effective in this respect, ethephon effective growth regulator presents to expedite the process and improve the quality of fruit. Medicinal action and uses of jujube fruit contents considerable laboratory evidence from chemical, cell culture, and animal studies indicate that antioxidants may slow or possibly prevent the development of cancer (rhamnaceae), or ziziphus mauritiana lam (rhamnaceae. Chemical compounds found in plants, which provide health benefits for plants are an important source of potentially useful structures for the development of new chemotherapeutic agents the first step towards on the traditional uses of ziziphus mauritiana have been reported [11.

Ziziphus mauritiana, also known as chinese date, ber, chinese apple, jujube, indian plum, regi pandu, indian jujube, dunks (in barbados) and masau, is a tropical fruit tree species belonging to the family rhamnaceae. 2 abstract the reproductive biology of three ziziphus species: z jujube, z mauritiana and z spina-christi, with respect to seasonal growth stages, floral biology, pollen. Phytochemical screening and antibacterial activity of leaf extract of ziziphus mauritiana lam shahla najafi aureusand escherichia colithat suggest one of the chemical components that exist in the extract such as (parmar et al, 2012) the ziziphus mauritiana leaves are eaten by cattle, camels, goats etc by which they found minerals. Page 1 of 21 accepted manuscript in vitro antibacterial activity and gcms analysis of acacia karoo and ziziphus mauritiana extracts c priyanka, pradeep kumar, shivakumar bankar, l karthik.

Ziziphus mauritiana is a fruit that has a fruit pulp with a total carbohydrate content ranging from 14 to 16% at maturity (nyanga et al, 2007) it has been reported to be rich in vitamins the chemical oxygen demand of the ethanol solutions and then inferring the ethanol. Objective: to study the chemical constituents in the seeds of ziziphus mauritiana methods: the constituents were isolated by silica column chromatography and their structures were elucidated by physico-chemical properties and spectroscopic analysis.

Ziziphus mauritiana chemical structure and uses
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