An analysis of the bible by an athiest

5 pretty good reasons to be an atheist by staks to rethink your deeply held faith-based convictions and become an atheist 1 the bible is ridiculous analysis and commentary to make. The atheist experience is a weekly live call-in television show sponsored by the atheist community of austin this independently-run blog (not sponsored by the aca) features contributions from current and former hosts and co-hosts of the show. “i know of a lot of atheists who have come to their nonbelief by actually reading the bible rather than just the fluffy stories they choose to tell you about in church,” she said. A theory of atheism without m-theory 10 september, 2010 in practice, atheists are not identified by a specific disbelief in a particular concept of god rather, atheists are people who do not believe in the things that religious people believe in tags: two major examples from the christian bible are. Dan's autobiographical story of deconversion, and a critical analysis of christianity and the bible (ffrf, inc, 1992) godless: how an evangelical preacher became one of america's leading atheists foreword by richard dawkins.

an analysis of the bible by an athiest Atheists also are more likely to be white (78% are caucasian vs 66% for the general public) and highly educated: about four-in-ten atheists (43%) have a college degree, compared with 27% of the general public.

Atlanta – lee strobel was an atheist -- and sworn enemy of religion -- when his wife became a christian her faith put him on a two-year investigation to prove that her faith was a work of. The bible learn about the bible and discover resources for understanding, engaging with, and applying its sacred texts. People think they know the ten commandments, but not only can't people even list them, but most can't explain what they mean or how they should be applied understanding the bible's 2nd commandment on graven images an atheist's analysis of the ten commandments court decisions on the ten commandments. So long as the bible is seen as an unfailing moral guide and the sole, authoritative source of our images and metaphors of the divine, it should come as no surprise that a thousand people a day.

This is the first post in a series of posts where i will be taking the reader through incredibly complex (sorry, maths are necessary, but i’ll get there in a post towards the end of this series) social problems, and how they can be solved in such a way that benefits the entire society. [tonights presentation of the hristian ible by an atheist to a society of atheists and agnostics that is not a simple bible-bashing exercise is interesting, to say the least imagine a similarly. The bible proves it in the bible it says that most atheists feel that the bible is of questionable accuracy, as it was written thousands of years ago by many authors who were recording oral tradition that existed many years before.

Re: an atheist's critique of the bible i'm actually using that site, complete idiot's guide to the bible, comedy bits by david cross, and my own rapist wit to form these things ain't got no last words to say, yellow streak right up my spine. Understood please realize that i started as a christian and am an atheist now in part because i looked at testimony (basically, the bible) and stood back from my belief to evaluate it and give it the weight it truly deserved. I was recently having a discussion with an atheist who had grown up in a christian family and had gone to church for the first twenty years of her life but she became an atheist in her 20s when i asked her why she became an atheist, she said, “i started reading the bible” we christians often.

The bible is true and i am an atheist it's truly a very old, ancient book it contains lovely poetry and awesome stories, it reminds me of beowulf. From atheism to christianity: a personal journey do you find it difficult to believe in god or accept the claims of christianity i did, when i was an atheist, but i changed my mind, and my reasons for doing so may be of interest to you in your own personal journey and attempts to make sense of life. Ray comfort (born 5 december 1949) is a new zealand christian minister and evangelist who lives in the united states comfort started living waters publications and the way of the master in bellflower, california , and has written a number of books. Insofar as the atheist’s guide gives us good reasons to reject scientism, by rosenberg’s lights it also gives us good reasons to reject atheism the book is an unintended gift to believers indeed, it does a more effective job of refuting the modern atheist worldview than many books written by christians. The four sections in godless--rejecting god, why i am an atheist, what's wrong with christianity, and life is good--include chapters on bible problems, the historicity of jesus, morality, the kalam cosmological argument, the unbelievable resurrection, and much more barker relates the positive benefits from trusting in reason and human.

The bible calls people like him willfully ignorant and that because of the evidence for god in creation alone (romans 1) they are without excuse so realize that because a professing atheist has to be hardened in their heart toward god and all that he has done and their conscience is necessarily defiled as a result, they are neither. The plight of the new atheism: a critique on the other hand, atheism presents a better option than religion atheists do not need a bible in order to be well behaved in fact, they can even believe in objective morality (pp 23-25) mayo clinic researchers reported the results of an in-depth meta-analysis of about 1200 studies of. Why atheists should read – and love – the book of job the god job discovers in the tempest – a deity of sheer power, amoral on a good day, but certainly capable of behaving immorally too – is one with whom we are obligated to sever relations. I started reading the bible and seriously studying it when i was 15 making my way through it in under a year, by age 16 i was an atheist i found that many people who study the bible study parts they find one chapter, group of verses, or even a single verse and study it individually.

  • Writer cameron gaunt is an atheist who has studied philosophy and took issue with some points i made in my last post, “atheism and total vindication” cameron’s comments are in that post and i want to thank him and welcome him to the blog.
  • Another criticism of atheism is that it is a faith in itself as a belief in its own right, with a certainty about the falseness of religious beliefs that is comparable to the certainty about the unknown that is practiced by religions.
  • Jews, mormons and atheists/agnostics were oversampled to allow analysis of these relatively small groups1 previous surveys by the pew research center have shown that america is among the most religious of the world's developed nations.

List of bible contradictions contradictions are widespread in the bible apologists have many criticisms about identifying contradictions, and in many cases they go out of their way to add things to the bible in order to explain them away. Bible study for atheists as an atheist i find bible study a good tool for developing empathy with my religious friends, and a way to understand biblical allusions in art and literature this book is about textual analysis and those techniques could be used in studying any book. The bible does not attempt to prove there is a god, nor does it try to justify one’s belief in god god is a first truth the bible teaches us where we came from, whom we came from, and what the reason for us being here is a christian analysis of atheism, part 2.

an analysis of the bible by an athiest Atheists also are more likely to be white (78% are caucasian vs 66% for the general public) and highly educated: about four-in-ten atheists (43%) have a college degree, compared with 27% of the general public.
An analysis of the bible by an athiest
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